Horace Robert Martineau VC

Name: Horace Robert Martineau

Conflict: Second Boer War

Gazetted: July 6, 1900

Service: South African Forces

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Horace Robert Martineau VC
Horace Robert Martineau Medals
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Place/date of birth: Bayswater, London/October 31, 1874

Rank when awarded VC (and later highest rank): Sergeant (later Lieutenant)

Date of bravery: December 26, 1899

London Gazette citation:

Protectorate Regiment. Sergeant H.R. Martineau.

On the 26th December, 1899, during the fight at Game Tree, near Mafeking, when the order to retire had been given, Sergeant Martineau stopped and picked up Corporal Le Camp, who had been struck down about 10 yards from the Boer trenches, and half dragged, half carried, him towards a bush about 150 yards from the trenches. In doing this Sergeant Martineau was wounded in the side, but paid no attention to it, and proceeded to stanch and bandage the wounds of his comrade, whom he, afterwards, assisted to retire. The firing while they were retiring was very heavy and Sergeant Martineau was again wounded. When shot the second time he was absolutely exhausted from supporting his comrade, and sank down unable to proceed further. He received three wounds, one of which necessitated the amputation of his arm near the shoulder.

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Other decorations: N/A

Place/date of death: Dunedin, New Zealand/April 8, 1916

Grave/memorials: Anderson’s Bay Cemetery, Dunedin, New Zealand

Origin of VC to the Lord Ashcroft collection: Purchased at auction, Spink, London, 2002

Current location of VC: Displayed on rotation at The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes exhibition, Imperial War Museum