Montague Shadworth Seymour Moore VC

Name: Montague Shadworth Seymour Moore

Conflict: First World War

Gazetted: November 8, 1917

Service: Army

Montague Shadworth Seymour Moore VC
Montague Shadworth Seymour Moore Medals
Medal group

Place/date of birth: Worthing, Sussex/October 9, 1896

Rank when awarded VC (and later highest rank): Second Lieutenant (later Major)

Date of bravery: August 20, 1917

London Gazette citation:

2nd Lt. Montagu Shadworth Seymour, Hamp R .

For most conspicuous bravery in operations necessitating a fresh attack on a final objective which had not been captured.

2nd Lt. Moore at once volunteered for this duty and dashed forward at the head of some 70 men. They were met with heavy machine gun fire from a flank which caused severe casualties, with the result that he arrived at his objective – some 500 yards on – with only a Serjeant and four men. Nothing daunted, he at once bombed a large dug-out and took twenty-eight prisoners, two machine guns and a light field gun.

Gradually more officers and men arrived, to the number of about 60. His position was entirely isolated as the troops on the right had not advanced, but he dug a trench and repelled bombing attacks throughout the night. The next morning he was forced to retire a short distance. When opportunity offered he at once reoccupied his position, re-armed his men with enemy rifles and bombs, most of theirs being smashed, and beat off more than one counter-attack.

2nd Lt. Moore held his post under continual shell fire for thirty-six hours until his force was reduced to ten men, out of six officers and 130 men who had started the operation. He eventually got away his wounded, and withdrew under cover of a thick mist.

As an example of dashing gallantry and cool determination this young officer’s exploit would be difficult to surpass.

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Other decorations: N/A

Place/date of death: Kiganjo, Kenya/September 12, 1966

Grave/memorials: Langata Crematorium, Nairobi, Kenya

Origin of VC to the Lord Ashcroft collection: Purchased privately, 2011

Current location of VC: Displayed on rotation at The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes exhibition, Imperial War Museum