Shahamad Khan VC

Name: Shahamad Khan

Conflict: First World War

Gazetted: September 26, 1916

Service: Indian Army

Shahamad Khan VC
Shahamad Khan Medals
Medal group

Place/date of birth: Takhti near Rawalpindi, India (now Pakistan)/July 1, 1879

Rank when awarded VC (and later highest rank): Naik (later Jemadar)

Date of bravery: April 12/13, 1916

London Gazette citation:

No. 1605 Naik Shahamad Khan, Punjabis.

For most conspicuous bravery. He was in charge of a machine gun section in an exposed position, in front of and covering a gap in our new line, within 150 yards of the enemy’s entrenched position. He beat off three counter attacks and worked his gun single-handed after all his men, except two belt-fillers, had become casualties.

For three hours he held the gap under very heavy fire while it was being made secure. When his gun was knocked out by hostile fire he and his two belt-fillers held their ground with rifles till ordered to withdraw.

With three men sent to assist him he then brought back his gun, ammunition, and one severely wounded man unable to walk. Finally, he himself returned and removed all remaining arms and equipment except two shovels.

But for his great gallantry and determination our line must have been penetrated by the enemy.

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Other decorations: N/A

Place/date of death: Takhti, near Rawalpindi, Pakistan/July 28, 1947

Grave/memorials: Takhti Cemetery, near Ralwapindi, Pakistan

Origin of VC to the Lord Ashcroft collection: Purchased privately, 1999

Current location of VC: Displayed on rotation at The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes exhibition, Imperial War Museum